After months, no years, of speculation, radio silence and consequent denial from his team, it is now in the open that Johnny DID INDEED have a romantic relationship with Polina Glen. You can’t argue with court documents, so it’s not up for debate, it’s fact!

There are however still many unanswered questions and conflicting analyses surrounding this rather odd situation. Such as; what is the nature of their romance and why did Johnny feel the need to hide it from the public eye?

The poor damsel felt compelled to post breadcrumbs on her IG, only to remove said breadcrumbs rather sharpish, or change the location of said breadcrumbs, or change tack and instead write cryptic messages about love and a lover that shall not be named.

She was paid…

Polina’s attributes and skills – I’m sure Johnny felt the real benefits!

One of the main rumours to have done the rounds is that he was paying her for services rendered. That she’s an escort and therefore was escorting him, or he was escorting her, never know which way round it is. This would mean it was a purely professional relationship. But it apparently went on for two years. TWO YEARS! Who buys the services of a working girl for that long? This isn’t a Hollywood fairytale movie where she got the rich guy in the end. Sadly for her!

She was a trade off…

Does she know she’s collateral?

Ok ok we know, this is a blind and therefore not evidence…but… blinds are based on inside info garnered from… well … insiders. Was she prized away by Johnny from this poor rich bloke as part of an exchange for a huge loan?

I know who I’d rather be getting down and dirty with…

So what was really going on?

She erased much of her past that could be found online. We had to dig deep to get any details on her profession before she reinvented herself as a dancer/choreographer.

Is it that Johnny didn’t think his image would benefit particularly if people found out he’d gone in for a high end call girl and gone a bit soft on her? Two years would imply he’d definitely gone soft in the head somehow. In our opinion it was a paid for arrangement at the start…

…and the start was in Ibiza in 2016.

Wait, we hear you cry, but that’s like nearly four years ago!

Same time, same place, coincidence? We think not!

Yes that’s right! Two years was a conservative guess by people who didn’t know about the Ibiza connection and that is where the story really started my friends.

Cryptic message from way back in 2016, although it’s patently obvious to some …

The author recalls an online article back in 2016 which reported on Johnny and the go go dancer he met on the white isle but then, as if by magic, it disappeared and I’ve never found it again, ever!

So that begs the question of, what happened next?

Just as she and her cute escort friends were invited to party on the yacht and in the villa in Ibiza, so they were invited to party on tour with HV. This is also the point where a few clues were left and hints were dropped by various people, often by accident we feel and only to be covered up or deleted pronto!

Well, some slipped through the net…

So, who have we here, photobombing Johnny with her big behind?

The author recalls, again, and apologies for lack of photographic evidence, some posts on social media from people mentioning Johnny and his gorgeous companion. One even wrote about them all talking about art and life and blah blah, but the point is this. The post disappeared, like all the others that referred to this ‘companion’. Who was she? Well, we think it’s not rocket science really to assume this was PoJo out and about but also keeping it secret. Hmmm!

Who was treating her to a dream birthday dinner in the Bahamas, err sorry the Maldives…?

The fact that they were hanging out talking about life and all means, in essence, that they were spending quality time together, which implies that they were indeed together, in some manner or another.

This was also when it was noted that some from Johnny’s inner circle started following Polina on IG and liked her posts, including Gina and Ross, who was possibly the one taking photos of her on his island … sorry it was the Maldives wasn’t it , ahem!

Come on Johnny, what was there to hide? Why are you so shy about boning this beautiful gal.

Hi I’m Polina and I’m about 12!

Sweet, sweet sugar baby, yeah!

She’s young, like really young! Looking at the timings, she would have been about say, 21-22yrs when they met in Ibiza? He’s old enough to be gramps for the record and yes, age gaps can work, but is it that the combo of her being so young AND being paid for … well it’s rather unsavoury to many isn’t it if we’re honest here.

I ain’t saying’ she’s a gold digger, but …

The feeling amongst the fandom is that she’s another hungry fame whore and is only out for the bling and kerching! It stands to reason that this is the consensus when she posts things like this:

Men = money! Ooh, ok!!

Loosely translated these delightful girls are insinuating that women like spending money and men like giving money to women to spend.

Glad to see gender equality is at the forefront of their minds.

Do you speak a my language …

One absurd reasoning from the fandom in particular is that she was the band’s translator when they were in Russia, erm no! The translator looked quite different we can assure you:

The translator is the one that Polina is touching up, whilst Johnny touches Polina.

So to summarise, it appears that they met when she was taken on yachts and to villas to entertain rich guys like him in Ibiza. He then paid her, or traded her, like some trinket, for sexual services. She then went on the HV tour bandwagon and accompanied him in Moscow when they were first caught on camera together. Then she was on his island. She was also snapped in front of his penthouse building.

This went on for, let’s see, near on four years.

That’s a mighty long time people! On a par with his more serious relationships a la Winona and Kate, yet somehow fans have been convincing themselves and their sensitivities that this relationship didn’t exist, it wasn’t a thing and even if it was, it’s no more and it was never serious anyway.

Well folks, according to that always accurate newspaper the Daily Mail, it’s definitely over, but why all this now and who dropped who…?

Read the next blog for our take on the conclusion of this story…

57 thoughts on “SO POJO WAS A GOGO AFTER ALL!

  1. […] Paulina Glen is a Russian Choreographer and Go Go Dancer. Her romance with Johnny Depp has been kept out of the spot light until recently. I am sharing a link below that explains Johnny relationship with Paulina better than I could. The Blog is called So Pojo was a GoGo after all. […]

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    • I read that Polina was with Johnny Depp in late 2020, early 2021 so if true, he is still using her skilled services. This man is nothing like the person everyone wants to believe he is. I guess as long as his people keep putting this bullshit out there about what a great human he is, most of the public will buy it. Not me!!!!


  2. Anyway,he has once again achieved that he is torn in the Media.He ruins his Reputation all by himself because of booze and whores. So fucking stupid so shortly before the court trial.he destroys himself …again

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  3. Yep, I knew it. Poo is trying to make out that the story is not true.
    Johnny really needs to get better PR and should have closed this down a long time ago.

    Johnny doesn’t have to hide the fact that he dated her anymore as it’s out there.
    Since that’s known, he has to make it known that he’s not with her anymore.

    And bat-shit crazy BernieSanders2020 is back at the Fail.
    Don’t get me wrong, I like the real Bernie just NOT the commenter.

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      • If you Google Polina Glen Instagram. Her official Instagram comes up but right underneath there’s another Instagram.

        This Instagram has many pictures of Johnny.


      • The Instagram is gone. I think that Johnny’s PR is going around cleaning up after her.

        Johnny should have closed this down a long time ago.

        His PR have to be on top of everything at least until the lawsuits have been resolved.


      • Not new pictures. Old pictures.

        There’s an Instagram account under her official Instagram account that has many Johnny Depp pictures. Old Johnny Depp pictures. I do think it’s a fan account but Poo is trying to pass it as another account of hers.

        Mind you, you have to be quick or you’ll miss it because Poo is probably putting it up and Johnny’s PR is taking it down.


  4. Hardly is this bitch mentioned in the court docs,there is something new in the tabloids.coincidence?I don’t think so. These news are old,the same topic was read month ago.this girl is doing this to bring herself into remembrance. Haha
    Johnny will not comment.He hide his head in the sand. That is easier He never expressed and he will not do that. He prefers to lie to his Fans and still hide his dirty secrets. This guy is no longer believable.I think by now that he is not who he pretends to be.the mask falls.
    To say his words :”the truth comes out “

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    • I agree. He always says truth means all to him. Yet he has said many times within last few years “i’m single. I don’t believe I will ever find love again”. So either he was lying to us, or he didn’t love this russian bitch. I mean, if you are really in love to someone, so much you are planning to marry her (like Poo(p) likes to repeat), you won’t kick her out of your life so easily like he did in feb. So this “relationship” was just business for him. She wanted more. She shit everything, when she sold thouse photos to tabloids. In court documents “romance” means (in short) having sex with someone. I am quite sure, within 10 years he has fucked with many more women that Vanessa, ambitch and poo. He mentioned only these 3 in court documents, because everyone knows he has fuck with them. The others are hidden. Wonder how many russian or serbian sluts wil sell him out before court case is over. And no, I am not turd, I am not Poo. I am fan of Johnnys, but I can’t stand that he went this low, and uses whores. I quess he was too simply to realiz that these kind of bitch wants to shout to whole world, they have had sex with him. He is also way too kind to put them order.

      Liked by 3 people

      • For me, it would be ridiculous for a woman to accept that his lover hide her for so long even if he ” planned ” to marry her. He didn’t even marry Vanessa but he wanted to marry Polina? LOL. A big LOL. And don’t worry Wilma, I am sure everybody who read us here know you are not Amber or one of her friends. I don’t know who is this person who keep accusing everybody to be Amber or her friends everywhere on Twitter or here, but it is annoying lol. Paranoia is annoying lol. We can love Johnny for his work only. We don’t have to agree with everything. I’m more a fan of him as an actor than who he is as a person… I used to, but not anymore.

        Liked by 1 person

    • You are right. Johnny spouts so much of his shpiel about truth… that he doesn’t lie yet he tried so hard to lie about the existence of this Russian turd. He tried so very hard during the tour! Even rumors she was just the translator ha ha! Does he think people are stupid? Trying to pull the wool over the fans eyes. The boy who cried wolf. He was so embarrassed by her profession so he hid her existence for so long…. gave interview after interview that he was single and he still failed to hide her! She was brought to light during the tour when others took pictures with him she appeared on the background of those photos along with the other whore viktory. He can try, but he can’t hide since he can’t control how other people would be taking pictures of him and maybe have the ho appearing in the background of said picts. He has no control over that. The truth came out a picture at a time. His crew tried their best to hide her during the tour also. What a shame to try to pull the wool over the fans eyes. We are smarter than that. They thought the fans would be too stupid to notice.

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    • I agree. His PR people constantly put out there that Johnny Depp is a kind, respectful, loving, humble man, blah blah blah. Since this trial started in the UK I think everyone can see this persona is nothing more than media hype. Someone who hires an escort young enough to be his granddaughter is not of good moral character even though that is what he wants his fans to believe. Used to be a big fan of his but now . . . no thanks. Hate liars.


  5. I think for Johnny to ram it in for once and for all for Polina to f@ck off.

    Johnny should go to People Magazine and announce that he’s been single for near a year now.

    That will put a stop to Polina to seek more attention on Instagram pretending that the story isn’t true even though she put it out there for money.


  6. It started off as business then progressed to something more. I have been following Johnny for a long time and that is what he does. He romanticizes everything.

    As a fan, that’s what I could ascertain from this “relationship” which I knew about in 2017.
    It has been over for awhile.

    Let’s all move on. And like Jane Doe noted “….let’s hope he’s done with young gold diggers now…”

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    • He probably thought he could fix her life. He probably felt pity for the poor gogo slut from Russia. Who would save the dancing suspected and highly likely escort slut? He had a hero complex. Why would he pick heroes to sing on tour? Out of all the songs out there in existence? Connect the dots. I don’t know where I heard or read could have been an interview that he always tries to fix things, or relates to broken people etc. But he wasn’t gonna do it with Poo’s slutty reputation out there. He hid her for so long and either he or her made her clean up her act online. She was running around scrambling like a rat deleting all her past life. But poo does not understand…once it’s on social media it’s there forever! Hence this blog!

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      • Everyone on this blog needs to settle down.
        We all somehow knew that this was more than a paid relationship.
        Johnny was with Poo for more than 2.5 years as I noted in another comment.

        I, too, was pissed off initially then I thought about it, and at the time Johnny got together with Poo, he was going through a rough time and he thought this was the best that he could do at the time.

        Yeah, he needs to start thinking more about his choices but what’s done is done.
        The vitriol on this board is worse than the vitriol found in Turd stan’s forums about Johnny.

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      • To carry on.

        I think that Poo needed money and went to the Fail.

        Now she may be regretting it because the relationship is said to be over and there’s nothing more for her to pretend over.


    • True…..he has always loved to roll around with these filthy pigs. And in 3’s is the rumor in lots of blind items. When ask yourselves….he really doesn’t need to use escorts does he? The 2 times sexiest man alive? But he CHOOSES to. That’s the difference. What a broken man. He has no self esteem….. no respect for himself or his kids….. especially for his daughter Lily who has to grow up and see her father around all these golddigging sluts….who are very close to her age. That is not a good image he is painting for his daughter and he does not realize how much he could be hurting his daughter by doing this. A shame. He has 0 standards for allowing all these whores into his life and his kids lives. So sad to see what his life has become. He is not the man he used to be or the family man image he presented to the whole world when he was with Vanessa. The whores come first now. He really doesn’t think he deserves better in his life. He likely spent more time with this pig for the duration of this arrangement than with his very own daughter. He needs to grow up.

      Liked by 2 people

      • I agree… this man is one of the sexiest man on Earth lol, he doesn’t really need an escort to satisfy him. and he really doesn’t need someone who sell him to the medias.


      • I do feel very sorry for his kids. It must not be easy for them having to explain to their friends constantly that your Dad is drunk in public, high on drugs and uses very young escorts and whores for his pleasure. How embarrassing. This is not the picture of a good Dad.


  7. This guy is making a fool of himself.He’s beyond help.I can not take him seriously anymore. He should change his name in Johnny Dumb.What an Idiot.@Anonymes you’re so right. He’s the easy one. He is thinking of his Kids? I don’t think so. He did not care if his Kids liked Turd. The same with Poo.He’s a great Actor and musician but he’s an asshole.

    Liked by 1 person

    • As much as he wants us to think he respects women….I do agree Turd is lying through her teeth and he has never hit any of them….. but at the very core of who he is based on his past and current choices….. he really doesn’t when you think about it by his choice of flings with these escorts. He discards them like used toilet paper. It’s been said he was on the list of Heidi Fleiss’ black book. It’s not a new thing. Johnny initially came to L.A to become a rockstar. That was his plan all along and no doubt it was also because of the lifestyle it would bring him….to be able to fuck as many women as he possibly could. He is now doing what he always wanted to do as a boy. He might be grown up on the outside, but his mind is still trapped to that young boy and what HE wanted to do when he moved to L.A. It really all comes down to psychology. He doesn’t act his age. A mature, real adult gentleman would never treat women this way. And definitely not in front of his daughter either. But he doesn’t seem to care. He really needs to grow up for his daughter’s sake. Keep your eyes peeled on the next tour, he may already have found another pig to hide.

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      • Oh boy, I would not be surprised at all if he finds another pig. I don’t think he’ll ever stop with the pigs


      • Sorry but Johnny Depp is a huge misogynist. He really believes women are only put on this earth for his sexual pleasure and the younger the better. What a disgusting man.


  8. THE BIGGEST ATTENTION W-HORE OF THEM ALL POLINA GLEN is now saying she was the one who ended it because of the attention.hahha! Who does she think she’s fooling around here?????? SHE CRAVES ATTENTION. SHE CRAVES LIKES AND COMMENTS. SHE CRAVES THE SPOTLIGHT. THAT IS WHY SHE WAS LEAVING BREADCRUMBS. SHE FISHES FOR LIKES, COMPLIMENTS AND COMMENTS ON EVERY SINGLE ONE OF HER POSTS. THAT IS WHY SHE SOLD DEPP OUT TO THE PUBLIC. SHE VERIFIED HERSELF BECAUSE SHE WANTED TO BECOME A STAR. A CELEBRITY. RIDING ON DEPPS COATTAILS. AND THE IDIOT LET HER SO EASILY. EASY DEPP! TALKS SO MUCH SHIT ABOUT EASY AMBER HE IS THE EASY ONE FOR GETTING TOGETHER WITH THIS RUMORED ESCORT HO. BACK TO BACK GOLDDIGGERS. THIS SCUM 2.0. I NEVER THOUGHT THERE WOULD EVER BE A BIGGER NARCISSIST THAN HEARD AND HERE COMES POLINA! DOES THIS RUSSIAN IDIOT THINK PEOPLE ARE STUPID ENOUGH LIKE HER TO BUY HER STUPID LIES???? Depp dumped the trash right where she belongs……… and he is being made out to be a FOOL in the daily mail comments. He is being Ridiculed. How embarrassing. He asked for it and brought it upon himself. His lawyers have been working so hard to rebuild his reputation that Turd destroyed and the idiot doesn’t care………and wrecks it some more with go go Poo! Maybe that old story is true… Depp fried his brain in the sauna!

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  9. So she says in the press she wants it over due to the press attentions so you guys make yet another post on her. Its over guys. Both have confirmed it. Maybe get a new hobby- i believe depp himself suggest internet obsessives like yourself take up masturbation.


    • I suggest Mr. Depp take up masturbation. Might be a safer alternative than Gogo dancers. Beside how do you know it’s over are you believing the Daily Mail now. Maybe Johnny put this out to throw the scent off his continuing arrangement with Popo.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Oh please. Theyve not been together since february. Get your head out your cunts and just get a life. Shes a dancer. Get over it. All you bitches are just crying because he wouldnt look twice at you. You judge polina for what you think she is but really its just jealousy.


      • Can you prove they haven’t been together since February? I can’t because I don’t know either one. I’m not going to believe a tabloid. You forgot Gogo in front of Dancer.
        You funny. On here telling people to get a life. Why you so upset about what others post?
        I wonder if Popo has a little black book like Heidi Fleiss?

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      • From what I understand Poo was in the Bahamas with Johnny Depp in late 2020-early 2021. Apparently he is still using her when the situation arises.


  10. Some men uses same escort for years. She sold him out feb in Belgrad. Without thouse photos, he would still be fucking her for money. In court doc there’s explain for romanc, it is like “had sex with someone, touching someone pussy” there is no mention of love. Anyway, all the time he said he is single and not in love. Some says he has had others too while this business agreement.


    • Do you remember when Johnny was on The Big Breakfast with Kate Moss? That’s when Polina was born. Let that sink in for a minute… I really hope he’s done with young gold diggers now…

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